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Board-certified Genealogist at Lind Street Research

Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, CG(R)

Owner, Genealogist



Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

National Genealogical Society's Home Study Course

B.S. Computer Science - University of Illinois-Urbana



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Areas of specialty

Cook County Genealogy, including Chicago; Midwest United States; German genealogy; German script.

More Details About Me

I first became interested in my family’s history when I was in sixth grade. I think it was triggered by Alex Haley’s made-for-television movie, “Roots.” This was a blessing because both of my grandmothers were still alive, with great memories. They must have cringed when they saw me coming with my paper, pencil and tape recorder. I asked them all of the questions about my ancestors that I could think of. I sat for hours at my grandmother’s dining room table, labeling the pictures that she had stored in an old cardboard box. I begged my parents to drive me to local cemeteries where my forebears were buried, so I could carefully document the names and dates on the headstones. On three-by-five-inch index cards, I wrote all known information about each of the individuals I was researching. I stored those cards in three color-coded binders. But, after a couple of years, my interest in this pursuit waned and my attention turned to the concerns of a typical teenaged girl.


After graduating from high school, I attended the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. After four years of studying computer science, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and moved to Chicago to work for Andersen Consulting. I remained in the consulting field for eleven years, until the birth of my first child. At that point, I quit working to become a full-time mom.


A couple of years later, with a 21-month old son and a one-month old daughter on my lap, I spied those color-coded binders sitting on a shelf. I took them down from their dusty spot and, as I wiped them off, the memories of my long-deceased grandmothers flooded my mind. And that genealogical passion from my childhood engulfed my being, and I have not been the same since! 


I purchased some software and began reading books about the right way to do genealogy. I began to explore sources that, as a child, I had left untapped. I spent my children’s nap times surfing the internet, laying the groundwork for the next time I would get the chance to go on a research trip. In short, I was addicted. I quickly realized that I wanted to become a professional genealogist. I spent the next several years studying to do just that.


Since all of my ancestors emigrated from Germany, I am particularly knowledgeable about German-American research. Translating German church records (written in German script) is a specialty of mine. I have taken several college-level German classes.


I live in the Chicagoland area and have access to many wonderful libraries and archives. I can help you find your ancestors who might have information hiding in these places.


Feel free to contact this Board-certified Genealogist with any questions you might have. I look forward to helping you find the answer to your question "Who Are My Ancestors."

Client Testimonials

My 5 foot thick brick wall crumbled after Teresa’s thorough research unlocked an 82 year old family mystery regarding my uncle’s son from his first marriage. This was our family skeleton in the closet that was rarely spoken of but I wanted to complete that line on my family tree. Teresa’s solid professional and meticulous approach combined with concise, regular updates to me was superb. It was like reading a good mystery that slowly revealed hints until the last page resolved everything. I received answers to all my basic questions plus more with the mystery maternal cousin actually found still living. I was 100% satisfied and delighted with her research on my project. I would definitely recommend Teresa McMillin of Lind Street Research. – Patricia from Illinois


For many years I had been trying to locate the village in Germany from which my great-great-grandfather emigrated. I had a few clues, but no definitive information. I decided to retain Teresa McMillin to help me in my search. She quickly discovered that I had been looking in the wrong place – two villages shared the same name but were in different locations. Then she discovered that local church records might be available that could provide real evidence regarding my family’s German roots. They were, and Teresa was able to provide a fairly complete picture of my family’s history in this small village back to the early 1600s. The church documents with which she was dealing were written in many different scripts and often to my untrained eye appeared almost illegible. I gained a real appreciation of just how meticulous Teresa is in her research techniques, and how careful she is to document source material and fully analyze ambiguous or conflicting documentary evidence. She even provided photocopies of each of the original documents. As a result of this attention to detail, I now have not only my family’s genealogical charts but a number of insights into the occupations and personal relationships of these distant ancestors. Teresa’s communications and explanations throughout the process were always extremely clear and very helpful in laying out various options regarding priorities and the scope of the research project. In summary, I would highly recommend Teresa McMillin to anyone interested in exploring their Germanic roots. - Richard from Illinois


Teresa did a wonderful job with her recently published family history of “The Teeling Family of Chicago.” The book is very interesting and not like most family history books that I have read.  It is a wonderful piece of work.  She brought together dates, facts, family recollections and anecdotes in story form all interwoven with the rich history of Chicago in relation to the Teeling family’s daily life in years long gone. - Michele from Louisiana


I had been looking for my great grandparents’ records in Germany for years and could not find the town they were from.  Birth records, census records, death records all indicated “Germany” without a city or town.   I had almost given up looking for them—I had hit a brick wall.  Then, I attended a seminar by Teresa McMillin.  She gave suggestions on how to look for the town of origin.  That evening, I came home and found my great  grandparents on a ship from Hamburg with their two year old daughter Martha.  After years of looking it was so exciting to find where they came from…the same night as Teresa’s talk! - Holly from Illinois


Lind Street Research found information on my Italian ancestry that I thought had been lost forever. My father, his father and my father’s siblings,  were all deceased. The only information I had was the region from where my paternal grandfather had migrated to America. Further,  I’d been given to believe he was an orphan. I’d given up all hope yet Lind Street was able trace my paternal ancestry to the early 1700s, in spite of the fact that in that part of Italy there are no civil records prior to 1809. I highly recommend Lind Street Research’s services. - Ric from Tennessee


Teresa is a true professional who provides a great value for her genealogical services.  She is very diligent at researching both obvious and obscure sources.  I had done quite a bit of work on my own, but her expertise uncovered valuable information on a branch of my family that was presenting a struggle.  Also, her timely communication and skills at explaining her research are as valuable a find as identifying an elusive 4th great grandfather.  - Mike from Colorado


Thank you for working on my German ancestors. There were many more than I had anticipated or had any knowledge of, even in the later years. I enjoyed working with you, as you were always prompt, professional and well-prepared. Thanks again. - Ted from Illinois


When I first got into genealogy I knew there were going to be gaps that I could not finish. Luckily a genealogist was able to introduce me to Teresa. And since first exchanging information it has been a very fascinating and rewarding ride. The information I received from her was thorough; the reports were informative and went beyond what I had expected, and I also got copies of all the records used in finding the information. Aside from that I came away with a book of the area in which certain members of my family lived, way back when. Teresa spent a long time on my family and it was well worth it. Her diligence and knowledge of genealogical study, shows in the reports and her emails. Not only did it open up a newer fascination/outlook on my family tree, but it was very nice to share all this with my grandparents and the rest of my family. - Scott from California


I approached Lind Street Research with a  request for information about a relative during a very specific time period in the early 1900’s. I was able to provide only sketchy anecdotal evidence to work with. Frankly, I expected very little could be found. I was delighted with the end product. They picked up the trail and gave me extensive photocopied documentation.  What would have taken me months to accomplish, if at all, was achieved in five billable hours at what I consider to be a very fair rate. Best of all, they provided advice and new leads for additional sources that I can pursue on my own. Lind Street  helped me organize my own efforts to make my future research more productive. I highly recommend their services and fully expect to use them again the next time I think I’ve reached a dead end. - Bob from Illinois


Teresa did a very thorough and professional job researching both branches of my family ancestry.  Her detailed reports were fascinating and I had a wonderful time sharing them with my relatives over the holidays.  I highly recommend [her] to anyone seeking information about their personal history and family tree.  - Todd from Illinois


Teresa helped me research my family's genealogy when I was trying to search for information about my mother's birth parents.  Her genealogical expertise is way beyond what I observed my mom do for her adoptive family and my dad's family in the [19]70s.  Teresa has lots of ideas on where to find information and helped me organize my research in documents that led me to find my mother's birth parents and learn more about their ancestors.  She was enjoyable to work with. - Beth from Illinois

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