German Genealogy

German genealogy is one of my specialty areas. There are two main phases in researching German immigrants.

German Immigrants in the United States

The first phase is where you know your ancestor lived in the United States and came from somewhere in Germany. If you wish to trace their ancestry, it is necessary to first find the exact town they came from. It is not good enough to know that they came from Prussia or Baden or any other province. The exact town name must be known to find the German immigrants' early records and those of their ancestors. Finding this town is a service I provide.

German Script and German Church Records

The second phase is where the town of origin is known. German church records, written in German script, are the primary sources used to trace a German immigrant's ancestry. Many of these records are available to researchers in the United States and they often extend back to the 1700s or even the 1500s, depending on the area. Researchers are often frustrated with German church records because they are written in German script. Even the typical German today does not read this handwriting. I can help you overcome this hurdle.

German Genealogy Lectures

In addition to my research services, I also provide quality lectures pertaining to German genealogy. I often present to local and national-level organizations. Take a look at my list of available German genealogy lectures.

Are you interested?

I can research your German Genealogy in either phase. I can manage your entire genealogy project. I can consult with you if you are a researcher who has hit a "brick wall." I can also translate church records written in German script.


German genealogy projects can be large or small. I have a proven track record with many happy clients. Contact this Board-certified Genealogist to discuss your project goals and for a free estimate.


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